The Fire We Face

For my first blog, I wanted to write about something that would trigger a spark in someone’s life. Maybe flip a switch, or inspire them to do something greater. And as I sit here typing this all my ideas just seem to drift away and put me into some sort of writer’s block. The idea of starting a blog has been on my mind for some time now but people have told me that a blog is for the older generation and no longer a way to reach people but I say whoever needs to read this will read it. For this story I want you to picture a time that you were a winner and for those of you. Probably the many, who will say they never won anything, I want you to picture a time you were a loser. Now think about that time did you feel like the whole world was watching you? Like an overwhelming presence of loneliness even when everyone is acknowledging your victory or defeat. These are the feelings we feel as humans. Whether happy or sad we always feel like there is a longing for more and where we are at is not good enough. As a 19-year-old man writing this, I can be the first one to say I feel like a lonely failure but the more I open up about this feeling with older people, I begin to realize that this is a bigger reality than I thought. Because even the people who seem to have it all together are uncertain about their next move or chapter of life. Even those who are elderly and do not know where they will end up once they pass on to the next life. This reality we live in called life can bring us many challenges and many times makes us feel as if we have nothing to go to. But this reality shows us that as a whole we are lonely and searching for a family. A family who loves cares listens, understands, and fights. It's the curse we face but it's also the promise that one day we will all be united under one truth.